Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Being Well Rounded

It takes many years to have a solid base in one style or another. You hear the commentary say things like he's a Muay Thai Specialist, a wrestler, Jiu Jitsu or Judo practitioner. What they mean by this is not that they don't know any other form of martial art, it's that they have a solid base in one and are developing and learning other styles of fighting. They too, must evolve as the sport of mma has evolved. It is okay to do what you like, because that is what you are more comfortable with or how you are made up. However if you are competing in the sport of mma, at least learn the basics from each discipline to help give you some insight on what you opponent is trying to do, so that you can try and stay out of harms way.

Work on your weakness more once you become proficient in one area of your fighting.

There is no style better than another, each have their place in the combat sports arena. Continue to train and learn, EVEN WHEN YOU'RE NOT GETTING READY FOR A FIGHT !!! I cannot say that enough.
So many fighters today come in and try to get ready for a fight and haven't been in the gym learning anything new. When they get beat, they don't understand why. It all comes down to who wants it most and puts their time in, the fight is won during training. OSU !

Kelly Leo
Head trainer at Full Throttle Fitness -