Friday, April 29, 2011

Training for a fight full time or part time for fighting?

Just needed to vent ;-) Read and enjoy, lol

One thing I see these days is young fighters (even young pro's) take fights last minute and only train 3-4 weeks max coming off the couch to try and get ready for a fight. One thing that happens is your body goes into shock going form 0-100 in such a short time. Another thing is they have not progressed and worked on anything new and become any better. If they lose they say, "I trained my butt off for this fight, why didn't I win?"
 They want the "W" without putting in the true work and commitment it takes to become a true fighter/winner/Champion. It takes a ton of sacrifice to do this. If you love being a fan and training for fun, that's cool, have fun and play with it as you have time.
It, however you want to be a Champion and be on the top of your game you have to train around any injuries, dates, parties etc...that may interfere with your training. It is almost as if you are in a relationship with your training. This is how you get better and grow, by training and putting your time in.
 I have people hit me up and say can you help me get ready for my next fight, when I ask when will it be, if they say in about 3 -4 weeks, I have to tell them no. for one thing it is simply not fair to the guys who are there every day in the gym getting better for some part time fighter to come in and want ALL my attention.
 If you want to fight, continue to learn and get better and push yourself to be your best. The fight is the fun part, but it's only won in good training.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Fighter TJ Harris - "Combat Sports Expo" 2011

This was a VERY close fight. Article is good idea of how it went, I will see if I can fight the video to add to this. Article via -

TJ Harris vs Travis Knight: 142 lbs
Travis lands some stiff kicks to the legs and one glancing head kick on TJ. Travis even does a little showboating and these guys are going at it. TJ misses a head kick and Travis picks a single-leg and drives him to the ground. Travis gets the mount and rains down blows. TJ explodes over but Travis grabs and arm and locks in a tight armbar. TJ has rubber arms because he bends at odd angles and manages to cartwheel over to escape the armbar. Travis ends up in top position and they are reset after some time against the ropes. They finish the round clinching with TJ landing some solid knees to the gut.
TJ pops Travis in the nose quick and they have a laugh about it. TJ executes a leg-kick straight-right combo that drops Travis. TJ works on top and they are reset again as they almost fall out of the ring. Standing, TJ lands some good strikes with many limbs. Travis hits autopilot and bodylock drives TJ to the ground. Travis work some strikes on top but TJ attempts a few submissions from his back. They end the round in that position.
Round 3 Travis initiates a take down again. When he can’t complete the single, he picks TJ up and drops him on his back. Travis works tirelessly to land flush strikes, but TJ is defending and moving on his back. after tons of pressure, TJ is able to put up a triangle. He is unable to sub Travis and they nearly roll out of the ring again. The ref is forced to reset them and they trade a pair of blows just before the end of the fight. This could have the makings for fight of the year already.

Travis Knight def TJ Harris by split dec.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Third opponent in the ring

I have been a fighter/martial artist for 25 plus years. One thing I have seen time and time again is seeing someone who is not prepared for their fight. They are more talented, more experienced, but can't bring it to the fight because they are not conditioned or have pushed themselves mentally for a battle. Thinking I will just knock them out early. This will only work if you are fighting bums.
To be successful in the ring/cage, tournament etc..always train for the hardest fight you have ever experienced.
I will add some things I used to do in some up and coming blogs to maybe help you with preparing for a fight and do away with the 3rd opponent ( physical and mental) fatigue.

Kelly Leo