Monday, May 23, 2011

"Shidokan Karate" - Blend of many styles

This is my good friend Richard Trammell. He never lost in Shidokan. In my opinion and many others he is the best all around Martial Artist to ever compete in The "Triathlon Rules" tournament and come out of the United States. Richard is a very disciplined Martial artist and it has been a pleasure and Honor to not only train with him for many years now, but he is just as dedicated as a friend and teammate.

Enjoy these clips. He is fighting Ma tee from Thailand, who has well over 100 Thai fights, so we decided to fight him with what Richard does best and not fall into Ma tee's game. OSU !!

1 -Pt-11

2-  Pt -2

3- Pt -3

Glad to be part of this organization !! Shidokan Karate now available at Full Throttle Fitness in Oakwood

Osu !!

- Kelly Leo, Head Trainer and MMA coach at Full Throttle Fitness, North Georgia's Premier Combat Sports/ Fitness Gym.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Old School Training - a.k.a. Karate

I hear many "new" MMA gyms talk about all they know all they have done etc...they make fun on other ways people and styles do things. When many of them fail to realize that it's all good and all has a purpose. I read where someone was saying karate people just kicking and punching the air won't teach you how to fight. I knew then this person has never taken a karate lesson in his life or he sucked at it, because he didn't learn a thing. Let me ask you this, How many boxers "Shadow Box" for several rounds. it teaches technique, foot work, balance etc...Old school karate is done the same way. They learn the technique kicking and punching the air. It's also done for safety. Then like any other pugilistic sort/art, they will hit bags, pads shields, even spar. There are many great benefits to Old School karate, it gives you a foundation to start with and you build  you arsenal from there. I started in Karate and went on to do many other things. I was successful in what ever i decided to try because of the foundation that was layed before me. I still to this day approach my training to whatever sport I am training in at the time the way it was put before me. you can't go straight to the fancy/ flashy stuff without knowing the basics and being very good at them. When it comes down to it, the basics are what you will always fall back on. In BJJ, boxing, kick boxing, karate etc... It is all good.

- Kelly Leo, Head Trainer and MMA coach at Full Throttle Fitness, North Georgia's Premier Combat Sports/ Fitness Gym.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Growing as a fighter

The time you get better, stronger and learn better technique is not training for a fight, but training between fights. Slow you training down and take time to learn some new things to add to your arsenal. if you have missed on numerous time with an upper cut, work on the timing and spacing etc..., through pad work and light sparring. If in your last fight, you feel as though your opponent was a little too strong for you, well hit the weights. Get you a lifting regimen and hit the weight room as your regimen says. If you feel your stamina is not where you would like it to be, add more cardio, maybe some interval sprints, run hills etc. Work on foot work, angles etc.. there are countless things you can do to continue to grow and maintain you fitness level.
When you are training for a fight you then work on being sharp for the fight. Working on fight strategy, push youself to an even better fitness level via, hard cardio, bag work, conditioning drills, sparring for timing and hitting a little harder to have your body ready for the shots you may take in a fight. Not 100%, but about 65-70% full speed. I will touch on this more later.
 Fighting is a craft and if you don't continue to work on it, some one else will.

- Kelly Leo, Head Trainer and MMA coach at Full Throttle Fitness, North Georgia's Premier Combat Sports/ Fitness Gym.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Training around an injury

Many young martial artist today when they have an injury use this as an excuse not to train. Unless you have a total body injury, then it's simple work around it. If you have a foot or knee injury, use that as time to ficus more on your upper body strength (push ups, pull ups, Shoulder Press, Dips, Curls, etc...) there are many different ways to keep training. As a Martial artist, Sports Combat competitor, fighter etc...You owe it to yourself to find a way to keep improving yourself. Cause the ones you keep dodging and find ways not to fight because they are tough fighters ARE doing just that. They are constantly working to better themselves. It's a mind set, you can either let the injury defeat you or you can say NO, I will NOT lay down and let this slow me down.
You watch YouTube and read about all these UFC fighters, Boxers, K-1 fighters. I will guarantee most of them are fighting with some kind of injury. They worked through it and made it to the fight, because they ( fighters) want to fight, those who are not true fighters makes excuses. I have a young man training right now with a sprained knee and he has been in working his butt off, because he wants to fight for a Title in this fight. Mind over matter.
Yes, sometimes there are injuries that need to be handled and looked and handled different. However, there I am talking about some minor injury that can be worked around. That's the way of the "Warrior Spirit" OSU!!