Monday, June 13, 2011

Master the Basics

If you truly want to become the best you can in fighting of any kind, you must first master the basics and learn form someone who has done the same. When it comes down to it the basics are what will win the fight, from the ground up. Foot work, shifting your weight in you legs to generate power, using you back and hips for power, learning to snap punches (not swing them) throw with purpose not with hope that you land it. Work on head movement, sprawling, timing, positioning, angle's, basic kicks. Learn all these type stuff, before you try and move on the the flashy "highlight reel" stuff, that has such a low percentage of working and if not done so with proper technique can put you in an even worse position than you could have imagined.
 I have seen guys who are so hard headed that no matter how much you talk to them, show them etc... they always try to re-invent the wheel. they always look on the Internet and see some cool thing on "YouTube" or some other kind of mma or site. They will see if and might hit someone with it once or twice and think they have arrived, but when they try it again later on that same person in which they hit, they can't figure out why it doesn't work again. This is because he/she did not spend enough time learning the basics that is the foundation to the flashy technique or learned also how to set such things up.
As you grow as a fighter, yes, you do have to change the angle of a technique, or they way in how you deliver it. but not until you first learn the basics, so you can also reconize what your opponent is trying so do or set up. If you think you know your stuff and are self taught, go train with osmeone who has mastered their craft, you will be sadly mistaken. Botton line, humble youself and open you mind to learning, you will only benifit from taking a step back and learning new GOOD habits. this is the only way you can truly meet you full potentail. Trying to duplicate what someone does with out the knowledge is not how you do things.

 Kelly Leo, Head Trainer and MMA coach at Full Throttle Fitness, North Georgia's Premier Combat Sports/ Fitness Gym.

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