Monday, February 20, 2012

Taking fights at last minute

I hear the younger guys taking fights at last minute, with little to NO training what so ever, an expecting to win. here is the problem with that. They hear that on TV and don't stop to think that the people who step in at last minute have usually been training for a fight or already in fight shape when they decide to take it. These young guys who come off the couch and take on fights are basically a piece of meat for the promoter to fill the card with. The guy they are fighting has been training and someone had to pull out of the fight for whatever reason and looking for a replacement, so they are at their peak and ready for war, the ones who come off the couch are well....idiots!!! With that being said, if you are one to take last minute fights, be ready and train as if you have a fight coming up, so you can at least have a good chance in getting that W.
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