Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Training for a Kickboxing/ Thai fight, general info.

Basic Training for Thai/ kickboxing:
  1. Fifteen minutes of rope skipping at different speeds
  2. Shadow boxing for five rounds with one-minute breaks, using all offensive techniques, including fists, knees and feet
  3. Bag practice for five rounds with one-minute breaks, using all attacks in a Thai Boxer’s repertoire
  4. Sparring with a senior fighter or trainer who wears specially designed protective pads on his or her forearms. He or she uses only defensive moves and directs the attacks of the boxer, who is to react as fast as he or she can using any technique he or she sees fit
  5. General exercise such as push-ups, sit-ups, and light weight training
  6. Roadwork: this is normally done early in the morning and consists of at least one half-hour of jogging and includes five rounds of running at increased speed for three minutes. During one-minute breaks the runner does not rest but keeps on jogging
All phases of the workouts are controlled by a stop-watch or timer. The last thirty seconds in each three-minute period are announced, and all exercises, including running, are executed at full speed and power.

Diet basics:
The fighters live on a controlled diet determined by the trainer. Its main ingredients are lean meat, fresh vegetables, and plenty of fruit, supplemented by milk and eggs.

Kelly Leo

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